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Alright, I brought up a question on the TLAD thread about the new Annihilator variant not being in Free Mode (Heres a link to it) but being in actual games like Team Deathmatch, and stuff like that, now I was thinking if they did that will they do the same to the new chopper which is going to be badass to use in free mode thumbup.gif and using common sense will most likely ruin ranked deathmatch games like the new Annihilator variant did? angry.gif Basically to say, who would love to be able to use it in free mode, and do you think they will do the same as they did in TLAD and completely do everything ass backwards wallbash_red.gif and put it in ranked games and not let you use it in free mode?

if they did it once, good chance of them doing it again. then again if enough people bitched there is a chance they will change. so 50/50.
What I fear for more is the cargo helicopter, I mean look at our track record on cargo helicopters in freemode and you will clearly see the chances we will be able to swoop down and steal an elderly woman's minivan from her new jersey home is startlingly low sad.gif
Ex-PS Fanboy
I don't think they should. I don't think they should put helicopters in any match apart from party mode. People flying up in the air is fucking cheap, but I suppose in free mode that would be ok, since it's not ranked.
Fuck ANY restrictions on vehicles! FREE mode, right?
QUOTE (Seeen @ Oct 14 2009, 12:32 AM) *
Fuck ANY restrictions on vehicles! FREE mode, right?

Damn right dude!!!! thumbup.gif
oh look, it's answered:
QUOTE (TreeFitty @ Oct 14 2009, 07:46 PM) *

Yeah I saw that just now, it is going to be EPIC!!!!!
The Awesome One
Buzzard is indeed coming. Cant wait to get my hands on it.
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