Niko is located on the roof of a high building facing 3 people pointed a gun at him which 2 of them, Niko fought in the past and was sure they were dead.
Niko knows that for him to stay as a hidden officer, he will need to take the biggest decision he had ever done in his life - being a criminal.

niko belic hidden officer 4-The exploitation

the plot of this video is complicated,so before you watch the fourth video, watched the previous videos to understand the plot (pay Attention the small details):

niko bellic hidden officer 1-Dangerous chase

niko belic hidden officer 2-Trouble in the sky

niko belic hidden officer 3-The trap

*I know my english is not the best but I am sure there is not spelling erroes in the new video.
* I have made this video in 3 months (not in a row ...) and I spent a lot of thought, So I expect from you to different responses
* I repeat again, this video is complicated so let's see if you get it!
* Turn on the speakers, sit comfortable on your chair and prepare to action and most importantly: Enjoy!