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Me and some friends a while back started having a competition to see who could steal the Sultan RS from a new game (no unlocks, no missions ran using only car/truck/bike no subways/taxis choppers etc and no weapons) and bring it back to the first safehouse in Broker and make a game save. Thus having the Sultan RS at the beginning of a new game.

Can anyone here do this? I've made a couple of vids doing it. One of them in first person lol. After a few friends made it, we started having a competition to see who could do it the fastest.
I'm sure a couple of people can do it, but I haven't seen any videos on it.

How would you get past the road blocks to get it back to your safehouse? Would you use the subway system?
You can smash through some of the roadblocks, and others you can go around. The cement type barriers you have to go around, but the swat vans and such you can just hit one end of it and slide past. It does a lot of damage to the car but you can continue.

Heres a couple of vids of me doing it. The first is the best time I've gotten so far and the second is me doing it in first person mode (sooo hard! lol)

Hmmm, think I'll give that a try.
That'll kill some time. Thanks, man.
Its pretty fun locked.gif Sometimes when I have friends over we take turns trying to do it. I succeed about 1/2 of the time but sometimes its pretty ugly haha. The first couple times doing it is really hard until you get the feel for it though.
The Awesome One
I think I will have a go later, thanks man.
GTA SA fan
I'm going to try this with cheats tho, I know I can't lower wanted level but I can do the repair cheat (Full Health) and than if I don't cause too much damage to my car, I'll do again without cheat
Friend of mine just took second place in the race competition (GTAIV Challenge race) I still got first though! (for now! lol) He used the same route I did but with a tourismo. I think he might beat me soon if I dont find another route. He came up with one (bt hasnt completed it yet!) that might save a little time. Surprised no one from here hasnt entered it yet!

omg... i cant wait to try this...
Do you give driving lessons?
I must give that a try scooter.gif
If you try this a couple of times it will definitely increase your driving skills. Best advice I can give is look way ahead of where you are at the moment, try to keep your eyes ahead of where you are. That way you can semi predict which way to avoid cars and cops. as long as you stay moving you'll be good. Crashes = death often. (if there are any cops near you) Use your radar a lot too and be careful at the road blocks. Sometimes I get screwed at those blockades.

It is a fun challenge though! Definitely a must if you're really into GTAIV.
At first I thought this was another ridiculous posting; but I like it. Definitely going to give it a shot.
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