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The one started it all. No threads yet? Where's the respect?

I remember playing this game on my teacher's computer when I went to middle school. It's been love ever since.

As for the actual game itself... it's fuckin' hard! Jesus, my brain hurts playing it now. I still love it, though.
Available free to download from R*s site I might add.
It is pretty hard on PC now, the police are hella annoying ohmy.gif
I was able to snag the Playstation versions of GTA (London, 1, and 2) and I played it but I was so used to the 3D system I couldn't finish the games. Nice to have in the collection though.
Heck, any fan really should download and play it for 10-15 minutes at least. It is free, is pretty damn hard (all things considered) and really shows how far the series has come.
I got it for the PS1, way back, but really couldn't get into it for some reason.
I played this game when I first got my PS2. It's pretty hard now I've downloaded it because of the cops so I'm sticking to 3D GTAs.
Ex-PS Fanboy
QUOTE (ViceMan @ Oct 8 2009, 08:15 AM) *
Available free to download from R*s site I might add.

I'm trying to download it but they haven't sent me an E-mail yet, how long does it take?
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