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GTA Johnathan
Hey guys,

I'm needing to find the location of my saved gta. I need to put it on my usb and recover my computer so I can just pop the save file back in and continue playing.


* Where can I find my saved game file?
* Can I put it on a usb for when I reinstall my computer and put it back in.
* Where would I put it, when everything is done?

I appreciate you taking your time to read this.

I'm using Windows Vista.

Edit to add: I'm in the user files and I see the following files: gta_sa.set (3kb) GTASAsf1.b (198kb) and reply.rep (782kb) -- are these the save files, if so, why is the file size soo small? I'm on level .. unsure, but the title is Body Harvest.
Dunno for Vista. On XP it's in My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files and then there's GTASAsfx.b the x corresponds to the number the game file is in the save/load game screen list. So whatever that translates to in Vista.

Yeah it's just the .b you need I think, although copying that folder may be a better idea. The size is so small because it's probably just some sort of text file telling the game what you've done and hwat you look like, nothing too complex.
The Awesome One
It would depend on the memory space on your USB if you want to save games on there.
On Vista, like on XP, it's in the My Documents folder.
If you still have trouble finding it.

Search for *.b (asterick dot bee)

I, also, copy game save files to a different file location and restore them when I want to do a specific mission again with no problems...
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