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Full Version: Things from this game I wish were in others Forums > GTA Portable > GTA Advance
Hey, has anyone besides Psy played this game? It looks pretty cool!

I checked out some videos on YouTube and noticed that this game has some things I wish were in other GTAs.

1. It has a speedometer! That's badass. I wish San Andreas and IV had one. sad.gif
2. Some car called the "Brit" which is really a Mini Cooper. Maybe we'll see this in BoGT?
Also on the paramedic missions, if you fail, you can continue from the last level you were up to the next time you start it. Also allows you to pick up all patients in one go (even all 12). Saves the absolute pain that was caused on GTA3 when you ran over the final patient on level 12 and had to start from level 1 all over again, taking 3 people at a time.

Not really different to GTA3/VC, but you can unlock weapons to your hideout after finding hidden packages and then can give yourself the weapon from a menu in-game. If you exit the menu then go back in, you can give yourself more ammo and stuff. This can be done with unlocked police bribes from vigilante and health packs from level 8 paramedic too.
Sharpie Fetish
I spent hours on this with my GBA when it was realesed i think i got or got near to completing it fully. almost made me bankrupt on batteries
The Awesome One
I want the brit in BOGT, but it wont be. I didnt even know there was one. Maybe in GTA5?
I played this game sometime ago when I downloaded it and played it with an emulator but didn't finish up the storyline which is in this game very exciting. The game is set in my favourite GTA-location, Liberty City and besides the game looks pretty good for a Game Boy Color-game. I will have to correct my sins and play this game 100% when I have the time. Which year do you think this game is set in? Maybe 2000 before the events of Grand Theft Auto III.
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