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So i am looking for a decent laptop/notebook for university. I was just not sure what to get. I think my price limit will be around 900, i don't want to pay too much. But I'm not sure whether or not to get a mac or a windows OS. I can use both, but i just don't' know what will benefit me more in the long run...
I noticed that the mac books only have dual core processes... Is this a bad thing? or can the mac OS run quickly with that? I have also seen some good dell and Sony laptops, but i don't know what is going to do me good.
Ok so i basically need the laptop as an art media center. I need to use 2d art programs and 3d for game development. I don't think I'll be using it to actually run heavy graphic games. Just to create individual things to put in games.

I just found this on the net, dunno if it is worth the price or not though. 699:

HP Pavilion DV6-1200 Artist Edition
It has the full Coral sweet included, so i will have a legit Paintshop pro X2 which is good. Saves me dishing out loads of money for Photoshop...

So let me know what you think would be best for me, within a reasonable price. I can't afford an alienware or a macbook pro though...

So I have an HP Pavilllion. I LOVE this laptop. I love the feel of it. I love the ease of use. I even love Vista. no Im not nuts

So I boot it up yesterday and all of a sudden its not recognizing our wireless network. It says that it cant. And not only that, but it doesnt recognize the other networks in the area that it usually does. It had worked just fine Saturday night. Sunday morning I open it up...its blazing hot because it didnt shut down properly...again ...and my wireless card isnt working.

So dear husband, being the computer geek he is but hes a software guy...not a network guy does some research and makes some calls. Figures out that alot of people HATE their HP Pavillions because they run un-Godly hot and things inside tend to fry. Well, yes...mine runs mega-hot but I kinda like it because it keeps me warm hey...dont make fun...I live in the damn tundra.. So...verdict? my wireless card is fried...quite literally.

By the way...this is the second time this has happened in the 3 years that I have owned this computer. The first time it happened it was under warranty and HP fixed it. Got great service. This time I wont be so lucky.

So....I need a new laptop. I need it to have full-sized keys so netbooks are out. I want about 3G of RAM or more. I need at least 250G hard drive. I want it to be reliable. DH is saying that HPs and Acers are out...he doesnt want to deal with them anymore. Im thinking Dell...but we had bad luck with the Dell desktop we had and I hate their customer service. Are their laptops better?

Big requirement? I dont want to spend a boatload of cash...and Im totally not willing to camp at Best Buy again...Im in the damn tundra.


thanks rock
I'm sure 13" MacBook Pro is about 750 with student discount. I don't know which would be better for this stuff though.
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