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This was a pretty popular topic on the old forum. Gonna star'er up again.

Anywho, my gold infernus. I was supposed to deliver it to Stevie, but Im much happier keeping it

My Super GT from the Union Drive mission

Heres my Romero which once carried the dead body of Darrik McReary

Next gta better have car mods. And a camera like SA. I always liked getting pics of my car uploaded. That and pics of glitches.
No pics, but I have a green Infernus, a golden Patriot from Playboy, a Sultan RS, a red Turismo and a silver Super GT.
In most of my 8 playthroughs I think it went something like this:

Broker Savehouse:
White Banshee w/ black stripe
White Sabre GT w/ black stripe

Used with the Albanian jacket, black jeans and white trainers for pigeon hunting, I don't know why, i've always done it that way.

Bohan Savehouse:
Usually a Coquette and a Turismo. Occasionally a second Banshee.

Algonquin savehouse:
Stevie's orange/yellow Comet.
Bernie's orange Infernus.

PBX's penthouse:
Super GT

Alderney savehouse:
Black mafia-style Sentinel
Black Super GT

Where colours aren't specified it's usually whatever mood i'm in that seems nice.
nothing special for me.

Original safehouse: green/black huntley sport
Algonquin safehouse: blue infernus (stolen from the car dealer around the corner) and a PCJ or a NRG can't remember
Playboy's mansion: a bus. used to have an ambulance sitting out there too.

don't think i got anything else at the other places.
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