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i got a new pc with vista less than 2 weeks ago i installed GTA SA cause i wanted to play it with the online mods, and it worked fine... but like 2 days ago i tried to play and it just didnt work... i click the file to open it and it seems to be loading for like 2 seconds but then it stops and the game screen never appears.

I did a system restore to 4 days ago cause maybe i installed something that screwed it up but it didnt do anything... Does anyone have an idea?

Dont say stuff like "re install it" cause obviously, thats the first thing i tried.
The Awesome One
That file could be anything. Run a system check to make sure you have no viruses, and if you have the all clear buy it from a shop. Did you get it for free?
Try the asprin: Delete the GTA_SA.set file

Sometimes clears the problem. It holds the System data from the last time the game was played. If a system file was changed since the last play it will contain incorrect data. The makes a new set file at the end of each game play.

holy crap, i forgot i made this thread but today, i just tried that and it worked!

thanks a lot!!!!
The Awesome One
Out of interest, how would you change the system file?
A System Updating a Driver, etc.
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