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Full Version: Has anyone ever even played this game? Forums > GTA Classics > GTA London
Looking at other peoples' profiles, I haven't seen anyone that says they've played GTA: London.

Sup with that? Is it fun or what?
I played it, can't remember much about it since it was so long ago, don't even remember if I completed it. I would've thought it would be freely downloadable on R*s website, but only GTA and GTA 2 appear to be.
Yaa I played '69 and '61. Ages ago now (checks around...)... 10 whole years since it came out jeez. Worth seeking out for completeness sake but if you didn't get it first time around it's unlikely you'll find it that fun... the graphics are a bit, erm 'classic' now.
I never played '61, that was a PC exclusive addon for the addon. I only had '69 on the PS1.
I've played '69, but same as GTA 1 and 2, I didn't find myself interested enough to finish it.
never played this, didnt know it was a pc only version. doesnt interest me now, just like with the xbox exclusives dont shout out to me ( although i'd play them)
i played the demo of it, and wasn't impressed.
Of course. I played it on release and loved it. Even though it looks shit now. It was really good back in the day. This and Micro Machines where two of my favorite top down view car games!
The Awesome One
Yea, but I cant remember anything about it.
They should make it an iPod touch game or something.
I played '69 around my cousins house a few times when I was seriously mega-young, and the 'internet' hadn't been introduced to me yet. I can remember a tank in Hyde Park and that's about it. I played it for hours though...
I played it once.


I don't really remember much about it.
On a few occasions. It's alright but not amazing.
Can you download this game free from Rockstar Games official site like the original Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2?
1961 here:
But no 69' You need to get a disc version of it.

Or download it elsewhere, but i'm not suggesting you do that, i'll let you decide.
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