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Been here for a while and after seeing the actions of the staff I'd have to say TF has been one of the most active Staff-members, especially with the news and stuff and the one with more passion to Grand Theft Auto than others. Most contributions from the staff lately have camed from him so I have to give 5 stars. And though Marney is'nt officially part of the staff I'd say he is. He is the Clan managers of sorts, organising these great events where you get to play Grand Theft Auto with some nice members so 5 stars for him too.
QUOTE (marney1 @ Feb 24 2010, 05:58 PM) *
Just like to say TreeFitty is doing an excellent job here, the site news is always upto date and he's not a cunt when it comes to warns. He'll actually give you a hint that you're treading on thin ice first which gives you a chance to back away. All mods here should take a look at him and say to themselves; "Hmm, that's how to be a good mod."
He hasn't forgot where he came from.......the gutter man the gutter! He's still TreeFitty from the block.

And no I'm not gay for him but I think he deserves recognition for what he does round here.

Yes TF is a good guy. I've not witnessed that about ice and warnings myself but I believe you're right. I give TF 5 stars and the rare 6th star will be awarded if he kills the next jew that hijacks someone's account.
TreeFitty gets 10/10 from me. By far one of the best staff members who has ever worked on any of my websites. Keep up the good work man smile.gif
Since im new, and dont really know people, i cant say.
But by what ive heard, the Staff sound like good people smile.gif
Ex-PS Fanboy
QUOTE (SelfieDK @ Jun 16 2010, 11:00 PM) *
Since im new, and dont really know people, i cant say.
But by what ive heard, the Staff sound like good people smile.gif

Prepare to be surprised...
[size="7"][/size]THE SITE & STAFF IS 10000000000000000000000/10
I've revised my rating system, 5/10 used to be good on my scale. Now 8/10 is good.

I mention only the active staff members. All the ones not mentioned, get a 0/10.

DuffMan: Does a good job with keeping the forum clean. Only 9/10 for not backing up Pie. Always back up the mods in the public, what you do in the staff forum is another matter.

Psy: Still posting news here and keeping the site alive. Skilled forum builder. As far as I can remember, never done something I disapprove of. Only 9/10 for not backing up your mods in the public, otherwise it would have been 10.
Edit: Grade temporary(?) reduced to 4/10 due to neglect. dry.gif

TreeFitty: Uh. Off the scale. Keeps the forum clean. Still posting news here even though I'm the only member still using this forum. Not a perfect mod, but maybe the best mod I have met on approx. 35 forums, perhaps better than me. Bonus for not taking offense of my jokes. 11/10. No, wait a minute, I think I can remember you being a c0unt one time(?), sorry pal but you only get 10/10. tongue.gif

QUOTE (Iced Coke @ Dec 7 2009, 06:29 PM) *
Is that idiot/twat pieface still here? I'm awfully surprised if he is, it's like you know your co worker is corrupt, but you just don't give a shit, as you're a bunch of lazy tossers, right?

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

QUOTE (Iced Coke @ Dec 7 2009, 10:10 PM) *
Been here since 06, so I doubt my post count entitles me to explaining, but I'l go ahead anyway. He;s foolish, unable to act correctly, one such example is he gave someone a week ban for swearing at him. Hardly a just reason. Everyone agrees, he's awful.

How did these malicious posts pass un-modded? angry.gif Even if it is true what QD said and Pie was too trigger-happy, I have to side with Pie here, because being rude here is wrong regardless. I know this is old and no one cares now, but I'm angry and need to say this.

QUOTE (DuffMan @ Dec 7 2009, 09:34 PM) *
Flaming a moderator anyone has always been a suspendable offence. He just saved the rest of us a job by doing it himself.

Fix'd. wink.gif

QUOTE (Massacre @ Dec 12 2009, 06:05 AM) *
QUOTE (DuffMan @ Dec 7 2009, 04:34 PM) *
Flaming a moderator has always been a suspendable offence. He just saved the rest of us a job by doing it himself.

Just curious, but what does it matter? As long as the flame is in R+R where flames are allowed (though I think the flame directed at Pie was in the Asylum), I don't see how insulting a mod is any different from insulting a regular member. The only real difference is that a mod can actually do something about it (i.e., unjustified suspensions).

I'd say 1/10 for staff that think they deserve to be treated differently than the other members, and 8/10 for the staff members that don't.

Massacre you're not eligible for rating here, if you were, I would give you 10/10 for saying that in bold.
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