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I've been procrastinating preordering this game; anyone going to get this on release day or shortly thereafter?

I enjoy Halo 3; I just don't want to spread the experience out into two games. Plenty of people still play Halo 3 online and I can download the new map packs; just not sure if the actual game will be worth the purchase...
Not on Release date, but i might eventually for the Achievements then trade/sell it. I'm a big whore when it comes to stuff like that.
That's kind of what I am thinking. I might wait until the price drops after Christmas. I have a shitton of other games to play in the meantime.
The Awesome One
I play Halo 3. However, I HATE the campaign(except the end) and love the multiplayer. I will probably buy ODST simply for the firefight mode.
QUOTE (Captain.Charisma @ Sep 10 2009, 04:53 PM) *
I play Halo 3. However, I HATE the campaign(except the end) and love the multiplayer. I will probably buy ODST simply for the firefight mode.

Send me a friend request for some MP action sometime (Halo 3).
GTA ShutDown
I am picking it up.

Made my fake case biggrin.gif I have a picture but I CBA Posting it. Look for my post in Post a Picture of Yourself. Thread.
Honestly, I hate Halo, but this actually looks pretty good.
I think Halo 2 and 3 are crap. This looks the same. It might actually be fun if the Halo 3 Engine wasnt so wonky.

I hate game release days. I didn't pre-order this; I didn't pick it up today. I could have, I have the cash, I even have some games I could have traded in towards it; I just don't NEED to get it. I really fucking WANT to, but that's just the selfish brat in me. Fuck. I have a ton of other games to finish/start at home.

Maybe I'll go to Blockbuster and rent it at lunch. That will satisfy my greedy desires until I can convince someone to get me a copy for Christmas.
The Awesome One
Im pissed off. Mine has not arrived yet! I knew I should of went and got it at the shops on release. sad.gif
Halo is over-rated, not getting it. smile.gif
Looks great and plays smooth, but not "THE EPIC GAME".

PR Is Smart. wink.gif
I managed to make it through release day without purchasing or renting this game. Kind of glad I didn't buy it yesterday, when I got home there was no power; I would have been FUCKING PISSED if I couldn't play the new game I just dropped $60 on. There were a ton people playing last night (I checked after the power was restored); I wasn't really bitter.

Now I will probably be able to make it until the price drops; I have a ton of FPS's that need my attention.

Anyway, yeah that PR is a MF. I love me some hype.

Anyone who's played it, feel free to leave your impressions.
The Awesome One
Ok, I got it. Not really what I hoped for. I honestly thought not having the chief would make me like the campaign, but in fact, I hate it even more. Firefight isnt that great either. At least I have Championship manager 2010.
The Awesome One
Well, I had a proper 2 hour session on this, and I loved the firefight. The campaign is OK,but the rest of the game includes Halo reach multiplayer beta for spring 2010 and the Halo 3 multiplayer experience.
Bump topic.

Captain Charisma - Send me a friend request on Xbox Live. Also anyone else rocking the ODST.
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