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The Awesome One
Maybe we should be more lenient on this. If you know a good site, we should be able to post and describe. Cant see why other sites wont be happy. They would get more people.
And what would we get out of it besides reduced traffic? We're not a free advertising site. If people want to put their link on the site they can pay for it, they can affiliate, or they can post in the advert thread in General.
indeed, besides now with the blogs and what not, if they want a place to advertise in, they got a spot. I don't want to have to read through a hole bunch of shitty people posting their crappy freewebs site.
The Awesome One
Oh yea, the site. Forgot about you lot.
like others have said, they'd be all freewebs or piczo. if the site is good enough then why not get some advertising. I'd probably fall into the crappy piczo category, and wouldnt want to show people the site anyway, just to get slaughtered in the asylum.
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