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The mist is animated too! looks pretty nice.

QUOTE (DuPz0r @ Sep 7 2010, 11:41 AM) *
The mist is animated too! looks pretty nice.

How'd they do that? The resolution looks too high and the colors too good to be a GIF animation.
Nah it's not a gif, it's a video format. it's called dream scene. You can only get it with Vista Ultimate. I have windows 7 on my decent pc, and can't get it to work on that. But this one is my living room casual PC, so i just make it look pretty lol.

Here some more of my favourite ones:

Water and dusty light is animated:

Water is animated:

Reflective light on water is animated:

Sky and water is animated:

Ocean waves are animated:

Fish swim around like it's a tank:

Light is pulsating and sphere is rotating:

Jesus those are nice! That's one of the reasons why Vista is so hardware demanding, but if I had that on my screen then I'd maybe not want to use the pc for anything else. tongue.gif
That's exactly why i have it on my casual PC. I just use it for the interwebs mostly.
cuda is your boi
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