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Shoreside Vale sucks ass!

The firetruck missions are impossible! Because of the way the island is laid out, it just doesn't give you enough time to get to the fires and you fail every time.

Is there some trick to making fires spawn close-by instead of across the island?
I remember having similar issues. Try to start at a far end of the island and see if it'll slowly move across the map. I think I ended up just getting lucky where all the burning cars were on one side of the island.

Also I think there is a way to get from the bridge down to the road below on the north side (by the tunnel entrance). See if that is a decent short cut.
Ex-PS Fanboy
Really? I had no problem with the fire truck missions. But I have shorside memorized with every nook, cranny, and back alleyway. Just learn the layout of Shorside really well, and try to cut corners everywhere possible.
Looking back. I loved the fire truck missions in GTA3. Man, this just brought back nostalgia for me!

Oh and btw there is one trick i used to use. When you are near the airport and the blip is on the other aide of the map, use the barrel role ramp and hope you make it in one piece.
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