right i have a problem with my lost and damned.
ive played through it all before but now i cant play it any more. My GTA got bust a while ago so i went and bought a preowned one that didnt get past the first loading screen. But before it said the disc was unreadable it told me that downloadable content was needed for my autosave (which i have) then it would die on me, so thinking maybe this was the problem ive deleted my old lost and damned saves to see whether it would let me play the old gta (which it didnt) so now ive bought another disc that works fine, and now i cant play the lost and damned, plus i dont have any saves for it now. the downloadable content is still there but i cant play it. i've looked through every single forum site and none of them have the answer, ive tried the start a new game thing and it doesnt give me an option to play it, it just goes straight to the original gta. i cant re-download it cos my modem isnt working. is there nothing i can do to get this content working ive tried everything i can think of to get this working but nothing works.