This mod will automaticly mod your game to make a bridge leading to Ghost town and making ghost town parts bit Solid

When you reach the end of entering the ghost town, Do not go straight, take a left because the Author forgot to make the street solid.
If your scared your going to die, take your gun and shoot it at different places. if it goes through and its not solid and if it shows the hole then its solid

The Triad Gang van is Not solid, Same thing with the 2 vans in the bank.


Create a new folder within <gta3 install dir>\data\maps called mods
(ie.C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\data\maps\mods\)

Copy the bridgeghost.ipl & ghostbase.col to this folder.

Open up gta3.dat within notepad (it's in the \data folder) and add the line in the ipl section at the bottom...


and under the colfile 3 section put..

COLFILE 3 DATA\MAPS\MODS\ghostbase.col

To find the bridge/route, leave the SSV Hideout turn left and go downhill, turn left at the bottom then right on to the dirt road that bends around to the left, you'll see it (TRUST ME!!! you can't miss it smile.gif , unless you didn't install it properly)

Sorry the bridge is messy , but it works and I didn't want to hold it back any longer + I wanted to get on to bigger better things in GTA3, besides once you've been there it'll get boring...


Sorry if posted already.


Download Below This Sentence.