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Having watched the awesome new trailer multiple times, I spent the last hour and a bit ripping all of the frames and selecting pretty much one frame from each scene to add to the website. There are some quite awesome images here, and I've included some of the best below, but to view all 62 images either head to page 8 of the image gallery (and work your way back towards page 1), or view the screencaps pages.

In addition, we've got a new poll on the right hand side of the website asking if you "Want Gay Tony". You all know you do.


you da best

and screw johnny and his motorcycles. i want a sikorsky sky crane!
You fucking rule, Psy. God damn it, I can't wait for October!
QUOTE(Psy @ Sep 1 2009, 02:13 PM) [snapback]1520359[/snapback]

I dont remember meeting Gay Tony as Niko. What mission was this?
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend. They've retextured him in the DLC, which is why you don't recognize him.
he was the guy picking up gracie right?
the last DLC was all about the bikes... this one appears to be about the helicopters... introducing the sparrow and that crane one... i bet there's even gonna be a sea sparrow too biggrin.gif...
Helicopters? No. This DLC is all about glitz, glamour, and takin' it up the hoohoo.
i'm talking vehicles... i didn't see any new cars i don't think... but, i saw some new copters biggrin.gif...
sweet they got a p90 now!(the gun at 1:04)
^ Great name, man. I love that show.
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