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A poster on the IGN forums recently got time to preview The Ballad of Gay Tony at the GameCrazy event in Las Vegas this week. Here's how IGN summarised it:

"For [the first mission], Luis Lopez, the main character, had to take control of a new helicopter, armed with a machine gun and RPG launcher. Players then must destroy a yacht and several smaller boats. The other involves Luis jumping out of a helicopter and parachuting on top of a nearby building ready to be infiltrated. Players were also given a variety of new weapons, including a smaller, automatic rifle, a turret-size machine gun, and satchel charges."

We've already seen the Little Bird-style chopper, the yacht, and the parachuting in the screenshots posted yesterday and earlier in the week, so this pretty much confirms what we can expect. Hopefully we'll see even more when the trailer comes out; remember, it hits this Tuesday!

[Source: IGN, props to Massacre for posting in our forums]
he also posted a second mission which had him skydiving to a building, to infliltrate it. either way i want it the more i hear about it.
So weird, they went from realistic with Niko and Johnny, to flat out unbelievable with Luis.
its still realistic its just not what we honestly expected.
My first news tip. I'm so proud.
QUOTE(TwoFacedTanner @ Aug 31 2009, 02:30 AM) [snapback]1520144[/snapback]
So weird, they went from realistic with Niko and Johnny, to flat out unbelievable with Luis.

Yup. Parachuting, something that sounds suspiciously like a minigun, and C4. Totally not what I expected from this. Maybe we'll see a Rhino in there somewhere as well?
I sure hope they aren't trying to have their cake and eat it too, on the realism tip.
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