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I have been playing fps games for over 7 years now and always done very well for myself, until today. I started playing gta 4 on xbox live. I can barely buy a kill. I shoot people all to pieces and they don't die, they shoot me while in a moving car after i run them over and I die........

When I get hit by a car it takes forever to get up, But when I hit them and they are up and I'm dead in a heartbeat due to gunshots. I have never feltso gyped, so badly in an online shooter. I cannot figure out wtf I'm doing wrong. Nothing I tried tonight went my way what so ever. Everything I tried was a bust and I was killed so easily sad.gif

I would like to play the game online much more (since I finished story mode today),
but I'm not having a good time at all and am ready to quit and go back to cod4.

Has anybody else just had a terrible time killing easy targets but gets ripped off soooo much?

Very sad player here that needs advice.

P.S. Anybody wanna buy gta4 for cheap? leave email addy.
Sounds like internet lag issues.
Lag is the only explanation I can think of too, do the cars seem to shoot from side to side sometimes or anything else seem weird?
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