How do you like to do it? Here some ideas...
Its more fun when pressing the free camera bottom.
Find a backside skate park, drive as fast as you can, and press the lean foraword or lean back bottoms.
Do only half stunt jump - after 2 secends stop pressing the lean bottoms, and press left or right.
Go to the Rotterdam tower, spawn motorcycle, fall few levels, then spwan it again on the wall that stops you from falling, drive the motorcycle out of the tower, and press one of the lean bottoms to spin in the air.
Fly to one of the tall buildings, spawn motorcycle, and get speed while falling with the motorcycle (Do it on one of the Alderney buildings to fly acros the water and land in Algonquin.
Leave the motorcycle while in air.
Burn one of your wheels, and look like flying fire. (also: if you set fire with the fire bottle, people will attack you... look at the bottle - its exacly the same bottle of vodka Cherenkov...).
Throw a granede and look like ninja from action movie (its the most dangarous, but its cool...)
Replay to me if you have other ideas. And try those... biggrin.gif