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I downloaded The Hangover from BitTorrent yesterday. Now I have a blank DVD in my drive and don't know how to burn the movie to it. Do I just drag the whole folder into it?
The folder (titled "The Hangover (2009) DVDSCR-MAXSPEED") contains the following:
A JPEG titled "screencaps"
A System Information File titled "The Hangover (2009) DVDSCR-MAXSPEED"
A Video Clip titled "The Hangover (2009) DVDSCR-MAXSPEED"
A Text Document titled "Torrent downloaded from"
And a Text Document titled "tracked_by_h33t_com"

If you advise me to not copy them all, then what do I drag into the blank DVD's folder?

And yes, my computer DOES support DVD burning.

Edit: I tried dragging the full folder and burning it, and my DVD player said "This disc can not be played" or something like that.

Edit 2: Here's all I see.
The Awesome One
All I can think of is that the download itself cant support burning.
Sharpie Fetish
You need to make it an ISO file so it boots in DVD players and such
QUOTE(Effy Fetish @ Jul 28 2009, 10:54 PM) [snapback]1515444[/snapback]
You need to make it an ISO file so it boots in DVD players and such

Yeah do that ^ rolleyes.gif
on the autorun popup click "Burn a DVD Data Disc" and then add the files to burn.

the only one you need to add is the avi, the other files are just information.

and i dont think it really matters, but im pretty sure your dvdscr isnt a technically correct dvdscr, cause the only dvd screener releases are by german and french groups and thus have german and french audio. so its likely that "maxspeed" took the audio from an english telesync or ddc and synced it with the video from the german/french dvdscr.
Well, I didn't solve it, but I found something just as good. First off, thanks JuicEmatic for the advice. I can't believe I never thought of clicking that option.

So it still doesn't work in my DVD player, but I tried popping it in my PS3 and it let me copy the movie to my PS3. So basically, I can watch the movie on my big-screen now, which was my original goal. All's good, thanks everybody (except Mek)
To watch them on a DVD player you need to make them into an ISO file. So you need to use a program which can convert the AVI to ISO or CUE or BIN, something along those lines. IMGburn is a good free program for this. Try file hippo for more information on DVD burning tools.
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