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After playing a while, you might noticed that there are a comercial for clothes with CJ presentor siting near a girl.
But if you think its original, you wrong - check the WEB for Brucies cars, and you will see the same picture with brucie's head instad CJ's.
The comercial is soutern then Niko's safehouse in middle park east, just infront 60's dinner...
Its a black man with a hat and large sunglasses.....that doesn't necessarily make it CJ.

In fact looking at the woman in the ad with him, she looks like a IV NPC, not a SA NPC so I personally think its just a random person made for that ad tbh.
Well, i don't see why else Rockstar would want to put a black man in GTA4... its obvious that the only black man that exists in the GTA universe is CJ.... so if there is a black man in GTA 4, he obviously is CJ.

nice find.

Also, is he the fat CJ or the skinny CJ?
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