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A short movie that I've made using gtaiv game, and it's about a guy from russia. His father sending him a letter and asking him for coming, because his mother is sick. he says that the situation is seriously. The guy decided to come and be with his dad in that difficult moment. In this movie i worked hard. because i wanted to show feelings. So watch the movie and look what's gonna happen in the end. Enjoy!

Total Length: 16:22 min


If you like it or just have something to say, you can send me an email. or leave a comment here or on youtube. Thank you.
camera too shaky, and it runs slow probably because you have max video settings, and you computer can't hold it.

It's just driving around and walking around, no speech nothing. I give it a 1/10
no man, i got new pc here.
everything is just as i wanted.
i wanted slow dramatic movie.
For someone who is supposed to be in a hurry he sure is taking the scenic route through town. A cab from Francis International into Bohan, then down into Algonquin, but taking the long way though the island by taking the surface streets instead of Union Drive East around...or better yet taking the cab directly to the hospital.

And the ambulance seems to be totally lost, popping up all over the city.

Also there seems to be little in the way of actual drama...its mostly just cars driving aimlessly....
thx for your comment.
about the ambulance that has been right and thats simply because i'm filming for my first time, and the places actually new for me. my point was to show the ambulance on the way.. but not the shorter or faster way to the hospital. thank you i will try to work on that next time.

about the guy.. emm .. i showed slowly driving.. and long ways just because i wanted to show the closed heart of the guy.....
His dad told us that he haven't heard from him along time. so this guy is kinda don't give a **** about whats going on with the family.
and in the end we notice that he changed abit. he starting to worry about something.. and even running to the hospital.. you understand.. then in the highest tower he looking down.. and realizing that he lost something important to him.
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