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Banana Boy
Im looking for more ram for my PC

I have a Dell Dimension E510, it only has 1 gig of ram, and I really like to play Flight Simulator X, and it is a CPU intensive game, people have told me that putting more ram into it will make it run faster, where can I get more ram for not much money?
how many slots do you have? If you have only two slots then you'll need to get two 2 gig ramerificatiors....

google it. thats your best bet.

Also, unless your running windows vista 64 bit you can only use 2gb ram in that computer because it requires matching ram according to Dell which means you must have 2 512mb sticks in there now

if you only have windows 32 bit then your gonna have to go with 2 gigs (unless the PC has 4 ram slots)

if you have windows 64 bit and want 4 gigs...
Do you even know what type of DDR Ram you need? Aria is cheap for computer components.
from the PC he has, google says DDR 2
Banana Boy
since this is a CPU intensive game, what would be better? getting more ram and graphics card and/or replace the motherboard with better outfittings, or just buy a new computer with my specs?
I'd go for a new computer.

Otherwise, go with the (2) 2GB sticks.
new pc probably...
Judging by your specs in the Dell Documentation, you are probably running windows XP. As Qdeathstar pointed out, XP can't recognize more than 2... maaaaybe 3 GB max. Besides that, I don't think upgrading your RAM alone will get you the performance you're looking for. A pentium 4 doesn't fair too well against the CPUs available now. More important that that, you have onboard video which is not good at all for gaming. Flight simulator is CPU and graphics intensive. You are better off getting a new PC. Mainly because you would pretty much have to replace everything in the PC anyway. Secondly, you only have a 304 watt power supply, which I doubt will be able to support a new motherboard, beefed up CPU, graphics card, and extra RAM.
Whoa whoa, is that why when I downgraded from Vista, my PC went from a 4gig max to a 2gig.

QUOTE(TwoFacedTanner @ Jul 18 2009, 08:17 PM) [snapback]1513572[/snapback]
Whoa whoa, is that why when I downgraded from Vista, my PC went from a 4gig max to a 2gig.


If i was you i'd reupgrade. other wise that other 2gb of ram is wasted.
you need to upgrade to vista 64bit to be able to use >3 gigs.
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