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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio man has his wedding band back and is back in his wife's good graces after the ring accidentally wound up in the till at a Texas tollbooth.

Rodger Moore of Columbus, Ohio went to Texas for a family wedding nearly two weeks ago. He said he was on his way to catch his flight home when his ring slipped off as he threw change into the basket at an unmanned booth on the Dallas North Tollway .

Moore called his wife Sue, who was not happy. He drove to the next toll exit, where he found a worker and reported his loss.

When Moore landed in Columbus he was relieved to hear a message that the ring had been found. It arrived by mail a few days later.

Sue said she threatened to glue the ring to his hand, but her husband has had it resized instead.

Sounds like BS to me.... he was in texas, his wife in ohio... and his wedding ring magically flew off his finger? Nigger please.

I beleive it. Why go through all the trouble of some big huge cover up like this?
So, they claimed it was theirs to get a free wedding band?
QUOTE(Billy Mays @ Jul 9 2009, 11:43 PM) [snapback]1512104[/snapback]
So, they claimed it was theirs to get a free wedding band?

It's gotta be true or how did he know about the ring?
Stoic Married Guy's Perspective:
I agree with QDeath, he was cheating on his wife.

He had probably taken his ring off and placed it in the center console of his car, with the change, then while driving through the tollbooth (while getting a road head from the drunk whore at the hotel); accidentally tossed it in with a few quarters he grabbed out of the center console. The toll booth was unmanned; it was probably late at night.

I only wonder if his mistress was in the car with him when he did it and if he had to explain it to her.

My boss leaves his wedding ring in the center console of the company car whenever he's away on business so he can cheat on his wife. That's how I know.

Besides, wedding rings don't just FLY off. Unless there's some hot trim around. I can take mine off in my pocket using the adjacent fingers. Might come in handy should I make it out to Vegas.
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