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I was playing, and I randomly saw a heli in underground, but its propellers were above ground.

Heres a video

Ex-PS Fanboy
I've seen it before. Except the heli was blown up.
It happens.
do a SEARCH and you may find a couple of topics on it.
Fort Carson is a good place to see this, FC is known for strange happenings, Synch has posted a lot on this place...
over by the tunnel there is a PD heli that's inside of the hillside , appears like that real regular.
Sometimes, when i driving that air-ground boat and it seenks, i just using the camera to jump it up - just taking some photos of nothing and it goes up.
I watched a PDheli follow me into the AT-400 hanger at LV airport , and it kept trying to hover thru the roof , so I shot it once with sniper , an it just kept there , exploding , over , an over , an over , so I thought I'll wait an see how long this goes on...
it kept doing it , then whilst waiting , I checked , an my criminal ranking shot way up , this heli just would not die , but good cause it was good to get this one save game built up in the criminal ranking stats. .. did die , after a bit.
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