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I was playing SA today and i thought about the next GTA after IV. Saying they don't make a GTAIV - Vice city or whatever next, i thought it would be cool if they made a city from SA.

At first i was like awesome, LV because of you mafia and casino's ect. But then i thought, well maybe SF would be good. It is a lovely looking city and would look great with IV graphics. But then i couldn't think of much to do other then hippy gangs, and gay people. So i had a little think about LS and the Hollywood/ghetto contrast, and thought that would also be awesome. So as you can tell i couldn't make my mind up which city would be better. If you had it your way, what SA city would you prefer to play in? Which would be cool for a story and also very good multiplayer city?
Meh, i hope they make a GTAIV-sanandreas....
I hope they do too, so we can all be in that shocked and excited state we normally get in when a new GTA comes out. But realistically i don't think they will create a SA as big as the last. They never meet their deadlines, because they always set mammoth tasks for themselves. If we hear news that the next GTA will be out in 2014 then maybe i will start to hope for a GTAIV-SA
If they wanna remake all of San Andreas, Im for it. However, since youve mentioned it, if they only want to choose ONE city from these 3 for the next GTA game then they can sit on it. Unless they have some magnificent way of remaking one of those cities properly, Im not going to buy another GTA game with only one destination. San Andreas spoiled us too much, in my opinion, and we cant handle another game from rockstar without at least TWO cities in the mix.
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