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Banana Boy
I have had my PS3 for over about a year and a half now. Because I like to play COD4 alot, im always pushing forward on the L3 stick, well now the joystick has become "used to" being pushed forward, where it is easier to push the stick forward than is it backward. the problem is is that, when i want to stay still in one spot, I cant because of this preference it makes me move ever so slightly.

on my other controller this has already happened where the "preference" has affected my preformance, AND the little preference is loose off what ever is holding it in there, so when i go to play sometimes its backward, to the left or right, and its just rotating around.

I really dont intend to buy a new controller because they are about $60 a pop, and since I really dont want to buy a new one everytime this happens.
I also have this problem with my original controller. I have bought two more since then. I use my daul shock, and that sixaxis one gets demoted to casual friend usage.
What can you really do? Put up with it or get another one.
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