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Hello, I've recently finished the mission where you have to kill the guards in the big ship and save the refugees. it's the mission where you shoot from a helicopter in the beginning, but are gunned down by an rpg. anyways, ever since I completed the mission, there is no save game floppy disk at my place in Doherty! and when I went to the ranch with the mysterious guy in Tierro Robedo, there was a floppy disk, buy as soon as I touched it, it disappeared, and the save menu didn't come up! I've even finished the mission where you have to drive that monster truck through the checkpoints, but there simply is no floppy disk in the ranch nor at Doherty! what's going on, why can't i save!?!
Have you tried the other safehouses? If none of them work, you may have to load an earlier save.
Odd ... there is a mission between the "da nang thang" and "monster".called "Ya Ka Boom Boom"

Are you playing from the DVD or a no-cd program crack?
Is the game a 'download"?
Do you have any modifications to the game running?

If you have triggered a mission that is not completed you will not have any Save icons.

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