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Don't know if they had this planned or they are doing it cause it failed on the DS...

Anyway, ill probably get it even if its not as good as LCS or VCS...
The game was extremely fun. It's so damn underrated it's not even funny. But, it definitely won't feel the same without that touch screen. The little mini games - hot wiring, tattooing, etc, are probably gonna be altered so the player has to input a button combination or something like that - definitely won't feel like Chinatown Wars.
I think i'd play this on the PSP. just because i love using the playstation controller.
They made what looked like a really good game, but it was never going to sell on a Nintendo platform, it had to be done to make business sense. Apparently this game had more lines of code than San Andreas, alot of shit went into it and it had to go multiplat
Ex-PS Fanboy
Not worth my money. I'll wait for the AC3 port to PSP

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