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Ghostbusters: The Video Game

OK so i saw it in the shops today and noticed it said 1-4 players and 2-4 network play on the PS3. Me and my GF looked at each other and started dancing to the ghost-busters tune that i blurted out in the middle of HMV. Anyway we thought it would be pretty cool running around together zapping ghosts into little yellow and black stripped boxes. I decided to rent it out with little persuasion.
I got home and then realized it didn't even have any offline multiplayer modes which really disappointing me because i thought it would be a really cool feature which i would have been playing solidly for the next week.
Anyway, putting that aside i started playing the single player career mode. I actually love it lol. It is a pretty good game. You get a load of upgrades for your ghost busting ray gun which you'd expect. The abilities you get with the gun are really fun to play with and it feels great when you capture a ghost because you really have to wrestle them in the box using that beam. The levels are pretty nice and appealing to look at. Some you might have seen in the films and others purely made up, but still great to explore.
Some of the trophies are pretty pathetically easy to achieve, as i got 7 of them in the first 10 minutes of playing. But this game is a really good game to play. I haven't played online yet and i haven't completed it, so i don't know how long it is. But you should at least rent it out if you liked the Ghostbusters films when you were younger .Or even if you are looking for an alternative game with kind of different game-play.

My rating is going to be an 8/10 just because i like the characters, and enjoy killing and capturing ghouls and ghosts.
yeah, it looked like a pretty cool game maybe for a rental, i've just been too lazy to rent stuff because most of the time good games are gone.
i also read a story about the graphics a little while ago , which is kinda BS, but then again it doesn't even really matter.

and who doesn't remember the Ghostbusters theme song cool.gif
The ps3 only runs at 540p? that's shameful in this day and age. but meh, i didn't even notice as i was having so much fun, so i guess resolution isn't everything.
The Awesome One
Im looking forward to this but I want it on my 360, not PS3. (Autumn hurry up.)
I want to rent this so bad, but none of the stores around me are renting it out yet.
demo is up on the PSN
i'm currently downloading it.
Played it at my bros. It was pretty fun. I'm going to borrow it at some point.
I'm going to borrow this when my friend is done achievement whoring it.

Looking forward to it.
QUOTE(Captain.Charisma @ Jun 21 2009, 09:42 PM) [snapback]1508898[/snapback]
Im looking forward to this but I want it on my 360, not PS3. (Autumn hurry up.)

Import it. The game's region free.
Borrowed it from my brother. It's a fun game. I like the script.
I downloaded the demo from PS Store and didn't like it, if a game doesn't grab me straight away I can't be bothered with it.
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