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Who Is Lola Del Rio? FACT SHEET

Lola Del Rio was/is a prostitute(duh) in the game that is very hard to find(duh). I was recently researching GTA 4 and tried to find a connection between Lola and a person she possibly "Mocked". I was successful. I found out that a porn star named Vanessa Del Rio grew up in Harlem, N.Y. So I figured there was a connection. Not being suprised that Lola is hard to find, Vanessa ended her porn star years in 1999.

Here are some connections i've discovered:

Both names end with "a"
Both in N.Y.
Both were prostitutes

Back to Lola.

Her picture was painted on a building in Soho, New York. Also, she was born in San Fierro and moved to Liberty City. She enjoys licked lollipops (lol) and is supposed to be around Star Junction. To bad for us, no-one can find her, and I don't think Rockstar was nice enough to put her in the game, or at least people that look like her. So please still try to find her, it would be a new millennium for GTA4.TV Forum. Thanks for reading.

Research from Wikipedia
QUOTE(racer123246 @ Jun 16 2009, 09:56 PM) [snapback]1508188[/snapback]
Research from Wikipedia

Lola doesn't exist, outside of game art.

Like the woman with the sunglasses in San Andreas or the 'twins' from Vice City.
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