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hi guys!

I've currently got a fever of 40 degrees, so I didn't come to work today. Good thing it wasn't the Swine Flu. Just stayed home and conceptualized on the last episode of Wrath.

Here are a few updates:

- This will be the most action packed episode since "Envy."

- the runtime will be around 10 minutes, including both opening and end credits.

- Footage has amounted to 5 minutes so far, and I'm currently trying to figure out a way to end the episode with a bang.

- There will be an opening montage referencing the previous episodes.

- Cain's new ability around the 1:20-1:30 mark. happy HOLY SH*T moment for some of you guys.

- Ma McReary will get sufficient screentime, as it works with the situation.

- "Wrath" will definitely have some more flashback scenes recounting his hatred for Liberty City.

I'll work on the last few minutes of the episode in a while, right after I get some rest.

I've already begun uploading the video to both Youtube and Vimeo, and it's a whopping 387MB worth of action, drama and excitement!

Just for a head start, I do promise that this will be an ideal coup de grace for the series, and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did making these vids for GTA 4 fans, casual gamers and aspiring film makers alike. This has been a truly fun experience for me, and I will hold a special place in my heart for this series.

What's next? Who knows... Maybe a straight up action flick, another horror mash, the possibilities are endless, so I guess I'll have to conceptualize a lot for the next project. smile.gif

Tentative Release Date is May 31, 2009, Sunday morning... (If I'm lucky, tonight. tongue.gif ) I will post the link in this same thread so watch out for the update.

For the previous episodes (if you're curious at least), head over to my YouTube channel.
( )

Ciao and thanks to the people who supported my vids! smile.gif



Enjoy and once again, thanks for the support! smile.gif
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