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Iv JUST got GTAIV (finally). Before i got GTA i was playing Saints Row 2. Both are great games. However in Saints Row 2 the doors of which you can use or open have an action marker on them telling you that you can kick them open or just walk in. In GTA all the doors look the same and its only a matter of walking into them which makes them open.
Just wondering if someone could list some of the more intresting building that you can enter?
Typically the enterable doors have a window. There's a few that don't (like a safehouse for example).
there are not many enterable buildings from what i have seen.
Well, the enterable buildings in SR2 have interesting things in them, however, in GTA IV, they are mostly apartment blocks, with jack shit in them, so its not as interesting
Not much of anything really. There are a few interesting ones, namely the Libertonian Museum on the eastern side of Middle Park in Algonquin.

And the Law Offices of Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster in Lower Algonquin.
Apocolyptic Diety
If you want to get into most of them, you could do the underworld glitch and fly up through the ground inside the building. For some, all you need to do is hang on a wall and move over to where two walls meet.
Ty for the Pics XD.png

The Law offices look intresting. Are the interiors large?
Its a shame that in GTA there arnt intresting buildings, In Saints Row nearly every building you can enter is awsum. From Sex shops to random clubs they always have something hilarious

Btw I presume you can enter the Hospitals? Oh and do u hav any more pics of inside the building etc?
Out of the four hospitals in the game, you can only enter two, Schottler Medical Center in Broker and Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Alderney. Sadly the inreriors of both hospitals are identical to each other. sad.gif

Apocolyptic Diety
I've noticed, for some strange reason, you can enter more buildings in multiplayer that you couldn't in single player. gta does have a secret room on happiness Island though-[spoiler]The catwalk below the staute has a hollow door you can pass through.[/spoiler]
In Saints Row 2 you can enter practicaly every building. They are all intresting too. Oh well, GTA is soo much better anyways
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