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How do I raise my Sex Appeal? I know its not by buying all the expensive clothes, cuz I tried that. So what is it??? Anybody gots an answer email me...

My Email is *removed* Please. I really want to know. THis is my first time playing San Andreas and I want everything to be up.
Get a fancy car. Like an infernus
Isn't it by keeping at the height of physical fitness?

Whoa hang on! Why do you want answers via e-mail?
If it's all innocent then OK but I am naturally suspicious.

I am always suspicious of people who post a topic like this and don't hang around for the first reply.
PSN name: Playstation 2?
Ex-PS Fanboy
40% is affected by your clothes. 60% is affected by your car. so put on a tux and drive a cheetah.
Fuck a tuxedo. Put some jersey on, baggy pants and rock an afro, that's the way homeboy. As Termanology said, "tight pants are for girls".
You CAN'T keep it up.

If is a variable based on the best clothes, haircut, tattooes, Last Vehicle Driven (parked within 10 paces+/-), and the Particular wants of the specific Girlfriend involved (Fat/Muscle balance).

almost forgot: And if you have all of oysters collected.
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