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I usually post at the GTA IV Discussion Forum, but after taking some time to explore the site, I figured this might be the perfect place for this... smile.gif

Just a little background story to fill you in:

Cain is the brother of Abel, and his murderer as well. This is all part of biblical history, but no way does this film interpret anything in a religious light. This series was made to take advantage of GTAIV modding, as well as its awesome In-Game Film Editor. Taking a cue from a good friend of mine, I decided to establish a mythos of my own for a character so mysterious nobody really knew what became of him in the Bible.

In my mythos, he's a friggin', arse-kickin, m****f***in angel of death in the vein of The Crow or Spawn, punishing evildoers. His mission is to destroy 7 criminals(or Satan, as he's called in layman's terms... tongue.gif ). 7 of them signify a sin each, and commits these sins, and unknowingly they've been led to a path of damnation where their true purpose will be revealed as well. All that will be covered in the next two episodes.


Here it is!:)


HD Version still processing.
You could actually do with putting all your vids in the same thread so people don't have to search high and low for them.
It might be easier if you just add them here in this topic you made.
Very good by the way. smile.gif
I really like it, nice job.
Can't we keep all these episodes in one topic, it's getting hard to follow.
updated with Episode 2!
Great job man. Best on yet.
The whole Cain part isn't my thing, but definitely fun to watch.
I like the stories in them.
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