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Hi guys!

I've got a few updates to share with you regarding the first episode of the final sin, Wrath. (it might take up to three episodes, MIGHT..)

- Cain will reveal a new ability, one that you might not expect from somebody like him, but provided his reason for all the destruction and chaos, it would fit well with the theme of redemption. smile.gif

- The first episode will introduce you to a lil' anarchy, in the form of the antagonist, an unknown character in the GTA IV mythos, but someone who will be an effective villain to Cain's cause.

- Each episode, of course, will still be 10 minutes long, but they do not follow the narrative I've been using for the past few episodes. Expect a more fast paced flow. smile.gif

- Episode 1 will not entirely consist of game footage. That's for sure. Doing some experimenting here guys, bear with me.

- Each episode will escalate into more chaos and anarchy, meaning more action for you battle junkies.

- The theme of the installment will be a reference to a certain Hollywood blockbuster from last summer. wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif

- There will be a secondary character introduced, one that does not contribute to the disorder in the entire ordeal, but provides a lil' melancholic approach to everything. But, of course, this character will not compromise the purpose of "Wrath", a Norman McCay figure if you will. NOTE: NO WAY IN HELL WOULD I GIVE CAIN A FRIGGIN' LOVE INTEREST! tongue.gif

- These installments will follow the more gesture-driven approach of the first few episodes, a bit of dialogue here and there but not too much. I'll let the actions speak for themselves. smile.gif

- ETA of the first episode will be Sunday evening/Monday Morning.

Watch out for it. smile.gif

So this is the final episode but it's a three parter? Looking forward to it.
QUOTE(ViceMan @ May 17 2009, 08:30 PM) [snapback]1502542[/snapback]
So this is the final episode but it's a three parter? Looking forward to it.

Well Pulp Fiction worked so lets give him a chance.
the video is now live... it's over at:

Enjoy! smile.gif
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