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am i the only one not really liking the way threads look now? it displays the first post of the topic but, lists the remaining posts in a tree-like structure below it... then, if you want to read the last post in a 20 page topic (fallout topic), you have to click on the last page of the posts, then actually click on that post (it doesn't automatically take you to the last post)... then if you want to read the previous posts, you have to click on those as well...

it makes navigating the site a little more like a chore... i don't know, maybe i can get used to it but, there's more steps involved now... anyone else with me? or am i the only one? or am i the only one that see's the tree? huh.gif...
I find that a bit of a pain too sometimes - and now and again when searching or trawling through the archives I just think 'fuck this shit it's wasting my time' and give up.
Click on Options at the top of a topic (right under the add reply/new topic buttons) and choose Standard. We haven't changed anything, IPB is just gay and changes it for you sometimes.
aaa-HA!! thanks man biggrin.gif...
Thanks, I was having the same problem myself tongue.gif
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