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Just in the middle of watching a movie called "Vantage Point" So far it's a really epic movie. The plot line is about the assassination of the U.S.A President while in Spain. It takes the view point of 8 people and shows what each of the people were doing around the time of the assassination.

The film portrays events taking place within a period of approximately twenty minutes, starting at 11:59:58 on the day President Henry Ashton is in Salamanca, Spain to promote an international treaty designed to combat global terrorism. Each time the clock rewinds and the episode unfolds from a new vantage point, additional details are added, until the complete story of what really occurred is unveiled at the end. - Wikipedia

Great actors star in it such as Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox and Forest Whitaker.

If you've not seen it yet you should definitely check it out!

Saw it in theaters when it came out, I like it well enough.
Plenty of people were scoffing at how it rewound itself back to 11:59 everytime.
Which, not going to lie, got annoying.
They could have just as easily had a fade in fade out effect.

But thats beyond the point, the movie is a good one.
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