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I have Saints Row 2 and im hoping to get GTA IV VERY SOON.
I loved Saints Row 2. It had huge customisation choices and a few funny features but it lacked a decent story line and graphics.

I just wanted to know what the rest of u think XD.png
I never tried Saints Row II, not since the moment I saw 'Ultor Corporation' in their storyline. It got me thinking, fucking hell this is gonna be a twist of Red Faction and Mafia altogether. It just wasnt realistic for my likings... don't get me wrong, being over the top is good every now and then but Saints Row II had a weird storyline, weird vehicles, weird feeling, you name it. But for some it's definitely more fun than GTA IV, which lacks a lot of things San Andreas had.
Wrong section, and already a topic in "Other Games" section, so go check their out.

And this has nothing really to do with GTA4, except you wanting to buy it.
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