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What is the profile pic max file size and dimensions? The editor says maximum size x and k... which means nothing to me.
Avatar settings are 100x100, I can't remember if it resizes but ratio is definetly 1:1.
why wont it let me use my 100x92 that is less than 1.5 kb gif image?
It has to be 100x100, jus add 8px.
did that too, still said file was 'too large' ... its a gif file, indexed at 5 colors (its only red and black) and is less than 1.5 kb at 100x100

scratch that, i think it 'was' broken for a second (messed up php variables or something) it now says 'Maximum size 150x150 and 100k (gif/jpg/jpeg/png/bmp).
Larger images resized when possible. ' instead of 'Maximum size k and h (gif/jpg/jpeg/png/bmp).
Larger images resized when possible. '
Best thing to do (worked for me) is to upload it to and paste the direct link into the URL box. That should sort your problem.
Moved to correct forum.

Yeah i'd recommend just uploading it to imageshack or tinypic or something and linking it from there if you're having problems
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