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Seether ~ Diseased.
I like that it changes. Adds more to it than just the usual pics.
Can you get rid of the 'TV' type lines going across it so its a bit sharper?
Oh and I agree with TreeFitty on the picture change.
thats not why is blurry, the focus is altered... getting rid of scan lines would just make it brighter
Ex-PS Fanboy
I don't get it...
If i decide that i am alive, then i'm diseased and ungrateful...

The picture is of a public execution in Iran. In many places in Iran the country is ruled and punished by Islamic (religious) law. If you decide that you are alive of your own free will and concience or deny religion is diety and power, you are a diseased and ungrateful outcast.

If i confide that i am a lire, then i'm diseased and ungrateful...

If you confess and admit your sins to the world, the teachings of a perfect Christ, your looked down upon by the righteous and worthy. Diseased, and ungrateful.
Your head is fucked up.
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