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without cheats... is there a way to get to Shoresidevale early?
If you send Claude W along the N side of the destroyed Callahan Bridge, down
to about 5' (?) from the end of the 2nd straight length of a bent red girder
that projects beyond the end of Claude's side of the bridge, Claude can jump
over to the thick silver-gray pipe of the other side of the bridge. He can en-
ter the subway at the S end of Staunton and use it to get to Shoreside Vale.

Another way is to have Claude back the back wheels of the Easy Autos Banshee
out over the water from the concrete tunnel roof in NW Portland, backing out to
about where the middle of the road below is and until the Banshee teeters on the
verge of falling. Have Claude exit and he lands on the tunnel roof. Send him W
while aiming the view with the mouse to see the tunnel roof below the blue
stuff. He has to jump over an obstruction then can go over the middle of the
tunnel roof to Staunton, where some invisible solid stuff won't let him continue
to Shoreside Vale unless he uses the ledge at the side of the roof. When you
want Claude to appear in either town, have him jump from below the town into the
blue stuff and he'll appear on the land above.

Thanks to variable veracity verifier Orion_SR for some creative gameplay that
leads him to add that you can send Claude from Staunton to Shoreside by having
him drive a Yankee into the subway in S Staunton, onto the far side of the same
upper platform, and having Claude jump from the Yankee roof through the subway
ceiling onto the roof over the tracks. Unlike the case in "Liberty City Stor-
ies," the roof nearby is invisible, though, so it isn't easy to navigate even if
you have Claude shoot it to see where the ricochets appear. Claude can also
make the trip by bailing from a Fire truck he tips into the water over the tun-
nel by NW Staunton (W of the stadium). The radar doesn't show the tunnel there
in "III," so send him into the tunnel 1st to see where it is on the radar.
(Copy and Paste the 2nd halves to the 1sts in the Address Bar for the next two
links to Orion_SR's videos.)
@ Qdeathstar...great stuff! your source is a gta God, Thanks I enjoyed all that,much. smile.gif
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