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It seems that some b-rate studio is producing a new one. I'll bet it won't be very good. Jak & Daxter was always one of my favorite game series but I fear they will butcher it. A power shortage isn't very compelling, compared to the other story lines. I probably won't crap my pants in surprise and laughter like I did at the end of Jak 3, I just dont imagine a game fighting pirates in order to find some power to keep the lights on, leading anywhere good. From what they've said about the gameplay, it sounds more like J&D: TPL than the latter titles.

Pirates? Really? What a step down from the cool metal heads and even those irritating lurkers. They also have a picture of the robots - and they aren't the cool krimzon guard robots from Jak 2 and 3, they're those gay robots with the chainsaws from Ratchet and Clank.
it's a PSP game. what did you really expect?
although Daxter was a pretty good platformer.
it's a PSP game. what did you really expect?

It's on PS2 as well.

It's the next step in the series; meaning it picks up where Jak 3 left off. Before it was announced (people knew it was comming because they had already patended the title) I just assumed it would therefore continue in the fashion of not being cheesy and unoriginal. The last two games did a considerable job at not falling into these catagories. Naturally, I expected the same from this one.
Ex-PS Fanboy
I was hoping it would be a Next-Gen.

But HIG isn't that bad a studio. Of course, I think Naughty Dog is better. It probably won't be as good as the previous.
The Awesome One
I actually might buy a PS2 game again!
It was pretty dumb to not put it on the next gen. Did they forget they have a million other games to compete with?
Full Metal Monkey
I remember i rented Jak and Daxter and completed in the time i had to bring it back to Shitebusters. Really good game. I liked the adult comedy that the kids wouldn't understand.

Jak 2 was pretty good but abit too short. Again the adult humor pleased me. I was suprised there was swearing.

Jak 3 really disapointed me and should have just been apart of Jak 2. Extremely short and extremely disapointing.
QUOTE(Full Metal Monkey @ Apr 6 2009, 01:33 AM) [snapback]1493874[/snapback]
I liked the adult comedy that the kids wouldn't understand.

Yeah, the game is even more appealing to me now than when I was a tot. It's fun for all ages! This is why I'm worried about it being made by a studio that has only ever made Racthet and Clank games; I'm worried it will be strictly for the kiddies.
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