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The Awesome One

Really addictive, free, learn football info and more. Make transfers from other user managed clubs.
Ex-PS Fanboy
The Awesome One
QUOTE(Stoic Person Eater @ Apr 1 2009, 06:49 PM) [snapback]1493453[/snapback]

How could i miss the gaming website of the century! Took me two weeks to find out how "gamey" this place is!

used to be until he stopped updating his website last year... he was an insider in the video game industry, always landing high profile interviews and getting the inside scoop on news related to games...

but the bastard hasn't updated his website for a year now... i think he went AWOL or something... other than that, i don't have a good gaming website outside of the usual ign's or gamepro's...
I check and regularly.

I also frequent

All are shit compared to this jewel of gaming.
The Awesome One
Yea, IGNs good.
IGN is my number one source for walkthroughs, game info, and cheats(in the PS2 days.) Playfire is also awesome.
ohh for cheats, tips, and walkthrough's i use GameFAQs... i completely forgot about that one (thanks analog biggrin.gif)... there's usually about 10 different walkthrough's and guides for just about every game, plus a message board to ask questions you can't find answers for... i can't believe i forgot about that website because, i visit it for almost everything that i need help with...

but IGN is my main source for gaming news... gamefaqs is my source for gaming tips...
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