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Man... time to reread that book! The trailer looks so fucking warm and lush and promising!
WooOOoo!!!!! clap.gif

You know they redid the enitre movie? They got the entire thing finished, if I remember correctly, and it was just like the book, but they thought it was "too scary" and redid everything.
Really? Director's Cut maybe? I'm sure they must have realized their younger demographic would not have appreciated how dark it could be.
I guess if you think about it, the book could be a little scary if it were real, but I don't think it was necessary to redo the whole thing.
Perhaps it wasn't entirely redone. It seems like suicide to me.
I cannot wait for this.

Seriously. This made my Monday. Maybe my week.
It could have been made earlier, if you saw my topic--earlier. God, I'm braindead right now.
Great scott, that's not where the Wild things are! That's H.R. Pufnstuf!
Wasn't that book like 8 pages long?

I loved the artwork, and kept drawing the party sequence. [centerfold]

Maurice Sendak kicked ass.

I guess when it comes to making a film on this,
all those years later, they thought:

"...and it was still hot..."

(Last words in the book)
Love the song by Arcade Fire in the trailer, fits in well with the lack of dialogue. Got a feeling Spike Jonze has done a pretty good job...
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