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Hello there GTA fans, i have been around here since like 6 months, just watching threads and guides from this site, however, i never had something THAT important to say like to make an account, but here i am.

I am having two problems with the game (if this belongs to another forum, i apologize and please moderators, move this to there)

1.- Draw distance: i know this sounds like a PC version problem but it is not, i've had both my X360 and my GTA IV game since october, 2008. more less a month ago, the game started to become crappy texture wise: even with slow vehicles (such as fine gentlemangio) whenever i reach a considerable speed, the game just stops loading detailed graphics, it stays like this: the roads havent loaded properly, so the cars seem to hover above the ground, the buildings are perfectly straight, no windows (there are "painted" windows in the walls, tho.) and trees look awful, they just have two layers of leafs, like back in ps1 games.

I have to slow down to like 2 miles per hour, or stop completelly, and after 10 seconds or so, the detailed graphics start to appear. im having serious sudden pop up problems also.

2.- One Man Army Archievement i have completed this game 3 times. The first time, i used cheats, (i know i suck, i was just trying to know the story without having to struggle through the missions, plus i love to use the RPG-7 tongue.gif) i used cheats to GIVE myself a 6 star wanted rating, then, like an hour passed: i didn't get the archievement. So i was like "well, maybe because of the cheats, the archievement got locked (as far as i know, only the annihilator locks the archievement, and i didn't spawn one)". The second time i passed the game, i used no cheats whatsoever, i made my way up to the 6 star rating, 15 minutes, and nothing. Why is my archievement unaccomplishable? i even deleted the cheating game from my HDD.

i hope you can help me guys, and i apologize for my bad english, in case you notice ortography failures xP
Ex-PS Fanboy
Textures, I don't know, maybe you disc is scratched?

One man Army. Either you haven't done it correctly or your acheivment is blocked permanently due to cheats. I have PS3, my acheviments don't get blocked, so I can't say for sure
As far as the as the achievement goes, I'd say it was the cheats that prevented you from getting it. What I personally did for it was to grab a helicopter from the Heli-Tours pier in Algonquin right after I unlocked the island and then fly over Alderney to get a six star wanted level...then just kept on flying until I had it.

Now, for the textures, you have a tricky problem... I've got the game for both PS3 and 360 and while I have noticed slightly more texture pop-in on the 360 I've never had a problem as bad as you've described. It sounds to me like the system isn't reading the game's disk as fast as it used to, but I'm not all that sure. Have you tried any other games to see if they are having similar problems with texture loading times?
Try saving the game to your HDD and launching it then. If this doesn't work then try resetting your 360 cache, you can find guides for it on the internet.
Not sure about the achievement, go to the internet cafe, find the 5* website, then get the final star by killing cops and survive at the back of the cafe. Just survive until you unlock it.
The Awesome One
textures happens to me as well.but im not bothered,as im not surpised the 360 cant keep does it on every platform.
Thanks for the support guys, i will try to do the cache thing, and just for you to know, my game is not scratched at all (which amazes me, as the x360 is known for scratching disks) and it was already on the HDD since i bought it (for the reason explained in the last sentence between parenthesis ^^)
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