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You guys are really slowing down with the news posting lately. The other two major GTA fan sites always post random ass shit that no body really cares about, but are interesting to read for 2 seconds nonetheless.'s last news post way basically 2 weeks ago. Psy, I know you are hard at work on your next website project, but don't you hand some sort of staff that can post news?

Just a suggestion guys, post about fucking Chips Ahoy or something if you have to.
The only things that seem to be news worthy on this site are GTA or Rockstar. Both of which have been quiet lately.

This site really isn't into 'random stuff' news posts these days.
Well, "GTA: Chinatown Wars Released" might've been good...
Don't get me wrong, I would have thought so too. But somehow, nothing. It's like a red headed step child of the GTA series on here. Not too many topics on it aside from what news posts there are.

QUOTE(1UP @ Mar 21 2009, 01:41 AM) [snapback]1491410[/snapback]
This should have been posted on the front page but no one did it, simple as that. Far to late to make a post about it now.

Why is there no sub-forum? Good question, I'd ask it too but theirs quite allot about the board I haven't been particularly happy about, parts have gotten so fucked up lately. Overall its probably only Psy or Duff that can change it.


Well, obviously, based on the responses to that thread and any other post about CW, most of the forum's members either didn't buy it or couldn't buy it because they don't own a DS, and thus it doesn't really need a subforum, but that doesn't mean it wasn't site news.
Being honest, it's hard to write about something none of us give a shit about. As far as I'm aware, no one on staff is getting Chinatown Wars, and what little we have posted about it in the past has gotten way fewer comments than the regular GTA4 stuff, so it doesn't seem worth it. So far no one on the forums has shown any real interest in CW either. We could post every minute detail, but if people aren't interested, we'd rather be spending our time doing something else.

We'll be back up to speed when info about the second DLC pack starts to trickle out.
If anyone is interested in writing news stories, or even submitting details so I can throw them together, I'm happy to post them. I've been busy not only with the new site, but with work and uni lately so I've not even been on the site much, never mind posting stuff.

I'm not happy with the fact that we've posted nothing for 2 weeks though. We DEFINITELY need more staff who can post news, so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

I disagree with duff that it's not worth posting stuff that no one cares about. I'd much rather post EVERY single piece of news about ANYTHING to do with GTA/Rockstar, but unless we get some additional staff who are willing, and have the free time to post news a few times a week, I can't see that happening.
Too old?

I dunno... I'm busy as well.
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