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The Awesome One
title says it all...
*signs without reading the smallprint*

But what the fuck is this topic about?

What is this?

*Masturbates again*
Go on Elaborate. A petition on what?
The Awesome One
sorry,i meant a petition for a petition section in the forums.
So a section for polls? What's wrong with General for that? Unless you plan on spamming hundreds of pointless polls.
There could be a pointless polls section in the Asylum...
Yes, to go with the hundreds of pointless topics.
New Topic

Add poll

Type: Your Guyz Is Agree?


Wala (vala) ect...

Instant Petition!
So you want it to be an extension of the asylum i.e. just for fucking around? Might be able to do that.
Wouldn't it be absolutely pointless as once you have voted once you can't do fuck all else...
The Awesome One
QUOTE(Я @ Mar 22 2009, 01:17 PM) [snapback]1491626[/snapback]
So you want it to be an extension of the asylum i.e. just for fucking around? Might be able to do that.

i was thinking in the next gta and general section,as the asylum is spam i dont think it would work in that section.
Well, if there's a whole section dedicated to polls, eventually there's just going to be nonsense polls anyway, so the Asylum is probably the best area for it.

I don't know that there would be enough polls to warrant a whole subforum, though. You might as well just post individual polls in their related areas, unless, like Duff said, you're going to make hundreds of polls.
I don't think this will work at all.

Why don't you just create a poll in the section your post is most relevant (or not)?

I think we should start a section for stupid petitions.
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